Destiny Board Data Now Available

I've started adding data for Destiny Board nodes.

I have the data structures in place and a reasonable approach to presenting the information visually.  (I think I can do better with the presentation and navigation... I expect to update that part as we get closer to the next alpha).

Complete Weapon, Armor, and Material Data for Tiers I-III

Since the last update, I've finished entering Tier I-III data for the three types of items this website currently provides:  Weapons, Armor, and Materials.  (Data for Excellent-, Masterpiece-, Epic-, and Legendary-grade items is shown where available.)

Five (5) New Weapons and a Key Bindings Reference Page

New content since the last post...

Massive Updates for the Final Winter Alpha Weekend!

I just finished more than doubling the size the the items database!

Currently there are...

  • 8 items in Tier I (complete weapons, armor, and crafting materials)
  • 23 items in Tier II (complete weapons, armor, and crafting materials)
  • 24 items in Tier III (missing some weapons, missing a few icons)

For a total of 55 inidivual items!

6 More Equipment Items Added!

Click Items above (navigation bar above) to browse the items database.

Over the past day I added...

Support for Weapons plus Tier I Weapons Data

Click Items above (navigation bar) to browse the current database.

Last night I added the data structures for weapons, and I just wrapped up the Tier I weapons data.  All Tier I equipment is in except tools.  More data coming soon.

Now Displaying Active and Passive Ability Info on Item Pages!

Click Items above (navigation bar) to browse the current database.  Much more coming soon.

Check Out the Content!

This site is very new, but content is beginning to be available.  Click Items above (navigation bar) to see what's in the database...